Our services

Our services include: pension planning, investment and savings planning, protection of your family, business and income.

In the area of pension planning we set up new pension plans and look to improve the performance of existing pension plans where applicable. We find many clients are invested in unsuitable funds often with highly charging and old style plans. We often consolidate clients pension funds taking into account their attitude to risk and timescale to retirement.

We offer an introduction to other professionals in the area of Mortgages, Wills, Trusts and Inheritance Tax.

We also offer an introduction to local Accountants.

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation about your wealth management and financial planning needs.

Investment Advice

It is our role as financial advisers to help you choose the right investments to meet your objectives.

Life Assurance

The aim of life assurance cover is to provide money for people who financially depend on you.

Health Insurance

These days, for people of working age, good health is the normal state, and few people consider what would happen…

Pensions Planning

Pensions are financial tools whose purpose is the provision of money in old age.

Tax Planning

Some people pay too much tax, or miss out on opportunities to reduce their tax.