Eileen K

I have known Andy Watt for over 35 years.  Andy deals with my pensions and investments.  I have always found him honest, reliable and with excellent back up from his office staff.  I would not hesitate to recommend Watt Money.

Bob G, Marlow

I’d highly recommend Andy as over the 20+ yrs I’ve known Andy I have trusted him with our families financial requirements. Over that time he has advised us on life insurance and critical illness cover to ensure my wife and daughters would be financially secure; guided us on pension planning and evaluating different options within company schemes plus introducing us to other professional for mortgages and wealth planning when in retirement. Andy has a broad area of expertise but he is not averse to engaging with other professionals to ensure we always receive a very high level of service.

P Bosch

We have always trusted and appreciated Watt Money with looking after our pension and life policies over many years and also the good advise that we have been given. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

B & J Bowron

Andy has been my wife and I’s personal advisor for about ten years. In all that time we have never had any problems with the way he handles our money. He is always most professional, but also very friendly. He explains all monetary issues in layman’s terms, and always makes sure we understand and agree with any changes he wants to make to our finances. He is always available to discuss any issues that we might have. I would recommend Watt Money to anybody, we couldn’t wish for a better service.

C & M Wood

Last year we were moving and having trouble selling our house, but had already fallen in love with the house we wanted to move to. To help us solve this problem, Andy was able to collect together various investments (on our behalf) without paying any penalties, which enabled us to buy the house. We then subsequently replaced the monies we’d disinvested once our house was sold around 9 months later.

K Bishop

Always the advice is impartial with no pressure to go down a particular route. The different options are clearly explained and set out. Information is concise and actions taken quickly to maximise the benefits. All discussions are delivered in a personable and friendly manner at all times. It is good to have some faith and trust in an FA who is not going to rip you off for their own benefit or the benefit of another Financial organisation as I have experienced before. I would not hesitate to recommend Watt Money to others for any matters to do with personal finance.

L Burgess

You and your predecessors have looked after our investments since 1995 and we have been most happy with the way that you have dealt with us. From the first meeting to decide the level of risk we were prepared to take we have been kept informed by regular visits with updates on the state of our investments. Changes were made but only with our consent and the financial growth we have achieved has been consistent and positive. Advice has always been there for us and this has been sound and wise. We could not have wished for better service. Please continue the good work!

R Cook

I have had the advice of Watt Money for over 15 years whilst they have been managing the portfolio of my pension.Before I settled on a financial adviser I selected three local ones and after meetings settled on Andrew of Watt Money. I found his responses to my questions the most satisfactory.Throughout the time with them I have found their advice and communications very beneficial in every respect. They are always there should I have any concerns, indeed a very professional family service in all respects. I am sure that I made the right choice with whom I have entrusted my future pension potential.”